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Redirects 3.5% of income tax

Help build the "St. Stelian" Therapeutic Center for Autism - a center dedicated to children with autism!

Get involved too!

Help us by donating for the construction of the center. Any amount, however small, can help!

Redirect 3.5%

Download the pre-filled form 230 with the data of our association by pressing the button below.
The form can be submitted in person at the ANAF headquarters to which you belong or it can be sent by courier or registered mail.

Information about Form 230

  1. Form 230 is completed by natural persons who receive income from wages and salaries, pensions, independent activities / agricultural activities imposed on the basis of the income norm, independent activities carried out on the basis of sports activity contracts for which the tax is withheld at source, rights of intellectual property, other than those for which the net income is determined in the real system, the transfer of the use of the goods for which the net income is determined based on flat-rate quotas of expenses or based on income norms.
  2. The distribution of the amount representing up to 3.5% of the income tax owed can be requested by application for the same beneficiaries for a maximum period of 2 years and can be renewed after the expiry of the respective period.
  3. The percentage must not exceed the ceiling of 3.5% of the income tax owed.